And so it begins! 

So… Here I am, sitting up in bed after a rather late, rather boozy night, jamming with a couple of friends. I’m writing what will hopefully be the first of many blog posts on my attempt to get some live music  into my life every week in 2017. How long I can make it last, I don’t know, but it’s got to be worth a crack!

2017 started with a trip to see a couple of my friends, Chris Lappage and Ryan Stevens, both from 71 Chain, a band you’ll hear more about during the year. Chris and Ryan were playing an early evening acoustic gig on Monday 2nd January at the South Western Arms, St Denys, Southampton. Over the course of the first hour, the rest of the band turned up and we had a full on acoustic 71 Chain gig on our hands. Some cracking blues, folky rocky tunes, a bit of Floyd and a great blend of guitar, mandolin and bass, with powerful vocals (and Mongo, the drummer, occasionally beating the table rhythmically in between sips of his pint) made for a cracking start to 2017.

71 Chain acoustic at the South Western

Next, it was covers band, Thee Sultan Sheiks, playing at Samuel’s Rest in Shedfield, on the 7th. The Sheiks are a brilliant band, made up of members of the Bog Rolling Stones, the Silver Beatles, the Tiddley Kinks, the Good Time Charlies and Thee Passion Killers. They do the Sultan Sheiks thing to let their hair down.

The crowd at Sam’s know the band well and immediately they appeared on stage, a chap at the back was shouting for Madness, which they are somewhat famous for. He kept his shouting  up between each of the first half dozen songs, but to no avail, much to everyone’s amusement. They did play a bit of Madness at the end, but the shouty chap was nowhere to be seen. 

Still… the guys played a magnificent gig, with some Bowie, ELO, Proclaimers and many things I can’t remember (if I realised I was blogging this, I’d have taken notes) culminating in a powerful finish with an a capella version  of the Housemartins’ Caravan of Love. I can’t rate them highly enough. A covers band made up of various tribute band members, playing for their own enjoyment, really is a great thing to behold.

As I get into this blogging thing, I’ll sort out tagging, put some links in and get a little more organised, but you’ve got to start somewhere… and I really ought to get out of bed…

Right.  Time to get up and take the front off a slightly ill 20 year old Range Rover. Then, this evening, it’s a bit of uptempo folk with Electric Eden at the Brewery Bar in Botley.


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